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Oil on ACM (aluminum composite material)
48 x 48 inches

There is no wood in this painting. Everything, including the wood grain, pencil lines, spray paint, and dirt, is painted with oil paint. There is a 2 x 2 foot hole cut out of the aluminum panel.

I find plywood fascinating as it’s a people-made natural material, created for creating, delivered in “standard” sizes, and is aesthetically pleasing as the grain mimics itself because of how the “peeler” log is rolled through the blade during production. The concept for the plywood painting was first developed in a comic book that I made, exploring the O.S.H.A guidelines under “Subpart M” for fall protection, and later realized as a painting after considering mimesis and its inherent relationship to painting. Holes such as this are commonly seen on the flooring on construction sites. Workers generally place a piece of wood over the hole and write “hole” on it, so other workers don’t fall in.