• "Wiggle Room"

    June 3rd
    "Wiggle Room" is a group exhibition featuring a number of University of Chicago Alumni. The exhibition opens on Friday, June 3rd from 6-8pm at Facility Theater in Chicago.

    Facility Theatre Gallery is proud to present Wiggle Room
    Wiggle Room is the space, time or freedom to make changes as needed. It is a capacity for negotiation or operation, especially in order to modify a previous statement or decision. Wiggle Room is also a room to move up or down and/or side-to-side with small quick movements. In this case, it is the room to perform, to communicate, and to converse within the context of multiple viewpoints and references. The works in this show were chosen for their unique characters, yet they share common attitudes and themes. Seven distinct artists are exhibiting, each with a unique practice and voice. The story lines communicate ideas about history, class, race, politics, sexuality, and pure cognition. They come together for a conversation in the Wiggle Room.

    Please join us for an opening reception with drinks on Friday June 3rd We are located at 1138 N California Ave, Chicago IL.

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