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The Opening
Digital media

Director and Editor: Esteban Alarcon
Cinematographer: Bennett Fuhrman
Written by Anthony Adcock, Lucca Colombelli, Esteban Alarcon
Producers: Anthony Adcock, Diego Pico Mora, Esteban Alarcon, Lucca Colombelli
Assistant Director: Lin Barnett
Sound: Sherman White

Paul Gerard Somers as Anthony Adcock
Julius Kwasi Wisdom Adorsu as Dr. Clement Oculus
Tony Fitzpatrick as Deuce Kindred
William Kist as Lucca Colombelli
Lucca Colombelli as Pierre

Art Installers
Diego Pico Mora
Valeria Terrazas
Hannah Monier
Wiliam Schauble
Anthony Adcock
Mike Neigebauer