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Giotto's Way
Giotto's Way
Oil and 23.5k gold on aluminum
33 x 23 inches

I’m stuck in traffic, daydreaming about art. How is there traffic at 4:30am? There is road work ahead; construction. This road work has been going on for at least ten years. I have no idea why these cones are here or why it’s taking so long. Ironically, I work here. I am waiting in traffic, caused by my construction job, to get to work so that I can afford to continue to go to work. The traffic signs in this area are confusing. Who designed these hieroglyphics? Sometimes the back of the signs are just as informative as the front. The swirling shapes of the wood grain induces some degree of pareidolia within me, reminding me of paintings from the early Renaissance. Giotto. Yes, Giotto would have made great road signs.